10 Mouthwatering Live Resin Gummy Products to Try

Live resin gummies are a delicious and potent way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. These tasty treats are made with live resin, a type of cannabis concentrate that captures the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. This results in a more flavorful and aromatic experience compared to traditional edibles made with distillate or isolate.

1. Wyld Marionberry Indica Gummies: These gummies from Wyld are infused with live resin extracted from indica-dominant strains. The marionberry flavor is sweet and tart, making it a perfect treat for relaxing evenings.

2. Kushy Punch Sativa Strawberry Gummies: Made with live resin derived from sativa strains, these gummies from Kushy Punch offer an uplifting and energizing experience. The strawberry flavor is refreshing and fruity, making it easy to indulge in multiple doses.

3. District Edibles Watermelon Hybrid Gummies: District Edibles combines live resin with watermelon flavor in these hybrid gummies. The result is a balanced blend of relaxation and euphoria that’s perfect for any time of day.

4. Flav Mango Live Resin Gummies: Flav’s mango-flavored gummies are infused with live resin extracted from high-quality cannabis plants. The tropical taste pairs perfectly with the potent effects of the live resin for a truly enjoyable experience.

5. Plus Pineapple CBD-THC Balanced Gummies: For those looking for a more balanced option, Plus offers pineapple-flavored CBD-THC gummies infused with live these resin products gummies provide both relaxation and clarity without overwhelming psychoactive effects.

6. Stokes Confections Blue Raspberry Indica Gummies: Stokes Confections’ blue raspberry gummies are made with indica-derived live resin for deep relaxation and stress relief. The fruity flavor masks the cannabis taste for an enjoyable snacking experience.

7. Kanha Cran-Pomegranate Sativa Gummies: Kanha’s cran-pomegranate flavored sativa gummies are infused with live resin for an uplifting and creative high that’s perfect for daytime use.

8. Encore Live Resin Citrus Blast Hybrid Gumdrops: Encore’s citrus blast gumdrops combine hybrid-sourced live resin with tangy citrus flavors for a refreshing burst of energy and euphoria.

9 .Kush Nuts Sour Apple Hybrid Live Resin Gummy Bears :These sour apple-flavored hybrid bears contain premium-grade THC distillate & kief along side fresh pressed rosin all mixed together into one amazing product!

10.Breez Green Tea Ginger Mints :These green tea ginger mints contain 5mg each which makes them great as low dose edibles or microdosing options!


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