Recovery Timeline: Heal Your Lips After The Chestnut Lip Surgery

There are various ways to have a perfect lip shape. Cosmetic surgeries allow you to repair your face shape and have a new perfect look. Chestnut lip surgery is common these days. Doctors use this surgery to provide you with proportionate lips. It helps you to have a confident smile on your face. Of course, it is a surgery; therefore, waiting for recovery after the lip surgery is essential. To understand how many days of lip surgery for recuperate (ทําปากกระจับกี่วันหาย, which is the term in Thai), let us check out this article!

What Is Chestnut Lip Surgery?

Chestnut lip surgery is a cosmetic surgery. It reduces the texture of the upper lip and lower lips so that the lips can have a slender and curvy shape. The professional or the doctor will perform the surgery near the left and right corners of the upper lip to raise the curve. Then according to the upper lip structure, he will align the lower lip structure to get a perfect chestnut shape to your lips. The doctor carves your lips shape to look bold and beautiful.

Why Chestnut Lip Surgery?

The first and very obvious reason to have chestnut lip surgery is to have beautiful lips. It helps people who do not have structured lips or have uneven lips. People with big or swollen lips by birth can consider undergoing this cosmetic procedure.

How Many Days Of Lip Surgery For Recuperation?

The most common query that comes into the patient’s mind when it comes to lip surgery is how many days of lip surgery for recuperate? Then the answer is that it is a minor surgery; therefore, it will take a short time to recover from the surgery wounds or welling. And if you take complete care and follow all the instructions given by the doctor, you will recover soon without worrying about infections.

Here Are Some Tips That Will Make Your Chestnut Lip Surgery Successful:

  • Apply the cold press frequently on your lips to avoid or reduce swelling right after going home. You can practice this for the first five days.
  • Keep the surgical area as clean as possible otherwise, you may experience infection.
  • Take all the medicines prescribed by the doctor. If swelling and pain are beyond your tolerance, visit the doctor without wasting time.

You do not have to take off from work after surgery but make sure you talk and smile less.


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