What Features Should a Yoga Studio Keeper Have?

Yoga possesses its own roots in India and initially it had been taught to students (in Sanskrit known as shishya) by their guru’s in ashram in manners, that was known as Guru-Shishya parampara. Because this ancient understanding began disbursing around the globe yoga teaching shifter to modern-day ashrams, the yoga studios.

Today yoga studios are managed very professionally and have began using technology in order to save time, cost and provide better plan to their customers. If you’re among individuals guys contemplating about obtaining a Yoga Studio Management application for your studio there are particular points you need to bear in mind to judge this sort of solution:

Will It Perform Cloud (SaaS)?

Now do not get bothered about these big technical words, this means the solution that you simply but must be an internet-based application. Since its an internet-based application there’d Not any price of servers, hosting and maintenance involved know what’s better still is that you may apply it everywhere.

For people who’ve multiple branches teacher from each branch could manage her branch so you just as one administrator are able to see information on all branches in one location.

Batch Scheduling

The approval should allow you to create multiple batches for the same branch each getting different prices, serious amounts of teachers. When the timetable is produced it ought to be visible to everyone teachers in their login to discover where and when they’ve batch.

The approval can manage ever of yoga batches including home tuition.

Accounts Management

Money makes all the world go round. This can be among most important functionality, the applying must have. You can define different payment schedules for every student and personalize it by providing discounts wherever relevant. As mentioned through the plan students as well as the teacher deserves intimation the payment arrives. Receipt generation is essential for this type of application.


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The approval should send automated intimations via email every single important occurrence. Like for past due payments, payments received, difference in class schedule etc.

Staff Management

Leave application is an important feature in which a teacher could use a leave, that you can reject or accept. In situation your teacher is on get forced out should allow you to allocate a proxy teacher fir the program. This proxy teacher needs instantly to obtain intimated the category remains utilized on him for that duration. It has to need to facility to include just as much teachers as you want.

Payment Gateway

Application should have the chance which enables you to definitely certainly take payments out of your customers by cash, cheque or online.


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