5 Reasons that May Warrant a Tooth Extraction

When growing up, losing a tooth was a milestone that called for celebration. However, as an adult, losing a tooth is an impediment since there is no hope for another set to erupt. As such, it is normal to get worried when your tooth is damaged beyond repair or is causing a host of other issues. When keeping your teeth intact is no longer practical, you may need to see a New York cosmetic and general dentist to help with extraction. Other reasons that necessitate a tooth extraction include:

  1. Impaction

Wisdom teeth are the main culprits of impaction, especially when the jaw bone is not large enough to accommodate their growth. As such, they may erupt tilted and squeezed towards other teeth. Worse still, the teeth may remain beneath the gum and fail to erupt. This may cause a load of issues, ranging from swollen, tender, and bleeding to infections. Extraction is recommended for an impacted tooth to prevent damage to other teeth. Impaction also risks teeth overcrowding and misalignment, so removing wisdom teeth can be a good solution.

  1. Periodontal disease

The advanced stage of periodontal disease is destructive and causes severe degeneration of the gum tissues, ligaments, and jaw bones. As these supporting teeth structures degenerate, the teeth become loose and hinder most functions of your mouth. Moreover, you will suffer from bad mouth odor, abscesses, and inflammation along the gum line. Eventually, the teeth may fall off, or you may need extraction to alleviate the pain and protect your overall health.

  1. Tooth Decay

Tartar and plaque buildup causes tooth decay. Tooth decay can be avoided with proper dental hygiene and regular dental visits. However, neglect of your oral health causes the tartar and plaque to eat away the enamel, making it weak and brittle. As the decay progresses and the bacteria reaches the pulpy tissue of the tooth, it results in root canal infection. If the condition is left untreated, the infection may start to spread to the neighboring teeth and mouth tissue. An extraction is the most viable treatment to prevent further tooth loss and cavities at this stage.

  1. Overcrowded Teeth

Tooth impaction can cause overcrowding of teeth and misalignment as teeth seek to have enough spaces to thrive. One or several teeth may be extracted to eliminate overcrowding, especially when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Extraction of the overcrowded teeth will allow for better alignment and more room for straightening your teeth.

  1. Tooth Breakage

A fractured tooth may leave the sensitive internal layers of your tooth exposed, causing you severe pain. Additionally, a tooth may break near the gum line, leaving less structure for restoration through crowning. Extraction is needed to rid you of the pain and prevent infection.

Tooth extraction can greatly affect how you look and the overall performance of your mouth. This can leave you worried, and if there were other ways that could help keep your tooth, you would go for it. However, if the tooth is causing you more problems and affecting your oral health, a tooth extraction may be inevitable. There are ways to still revolutionize your smile and enhance your biting and chewing even after extraction. So, keep it calm and go for the extraction if the tooth costs you peace. 


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