A Guide to Assertive Speech

Communicating assertively is speaking up for yourself and what you need without being rude or dismissive of others. Being assertive allows you to express your emotions without diminishing or disregarding the sentiments of others.

Reducing the strain of confrontation and gaining social support in times of need are two benefits you may get from practicing assertive communication.

Being aggressive in your communication requires you to pay attention to both your vocal and nonverbal cues. 

  • Maintaining eye contact is a cue of attentiveness.
  • Strong, self-assured stance that indicates competence and competence.
  • Sincere and direct, without resorting to deception or evasion to get one’s point across
  • Direct, understandable communication that gets your point across
  • Use language that is encouraging and safe, rather than attacking.
  • Messages sent and received at just the appropriate moment and location
  • Polite language that takes into account the emotions of the listener.

Advantages of Direct Speech

Assertive skill speech has numerous positive outcomes. You increase the likelihood of the following by being open and honest with others:

  • Have faith
  • Conquer your objectives.
  • Think highly of yourself.
  • Receive due regard
  • Build partnerships that will last
  • Calm your nerves
  • Maintain safe distances
  • Create faith

Reduce your anxiety

Mastering the art of forceful communication may also ease tensions with challenging people in your personal and professional life.

This allows you to address the demands of your loved ones while also getting what you need from your relationships. Although many people link forceful communication with conflict and confrontation, assertiveness really helps individuals to be closer.

Assertive Communicating assertively may also have substantial advantages in the job. For example, the ability to speak assertively might be crucial for healthcare workers who must do so in order to reduce the possibility of medical mistakes. It may also aid medical practitioners in conveying their expertise to patients without patronizing or dismissing them.

The Art of Being Assertive in Your Speech

Mastering assertive communication skills allows you to be respectful of others while still standing up for your own wants and rights in a partnership. By following these guidelines, you may improve your communication skills (and reduce your stress levels) in no time.

  1. State the obvious when you don’t like something.

Stick to factual statements of what they’ve done rather than negative labels or language that express judgment when contacting someone about a behavior you’d want to see altered. 

Second, don’t pass judgment or overstate the situation.

It’s a good first step to be straightforward about the aspects of someone’s conduct you find objectionable, without resorting to hyperbole or passing judgment. The same holds true when trying to explain the results of their actions.

Use “I” statements 

People get defensive when you start a statement with “You…” because they interpret it as a judgment or an assault. By shifting the emphasis to yourself at the outset, you may emphasize how their actions have impacted you emotionally.

You may take more responsibility for your actions and place less blame on others. As a result, the other person is less likely to get defensive, you can serve as an example of accepting responsibility, and you may both take steps toward making good changes.


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