Choosing the Right Vacation Schedule for Your Business

It is a matter of the periods when business owners choose their vacation. During holidays there is more foot traffic as families come together and consumers are away from school or work. But this means overstaffing and lost wages if you do not want to close during these holidays or reduce operating hours.

Tips for organizing your vacation hours.

To determine which suits you well, consider who buys what and where. For example, staying open during the holidays may help you attract many more shoppers and tourists when most of your sales come from families or out-of-town travelers. However, if most of your customers are professionals and office workers, you should close or reduce hours at this time because they usually get days off.

However, many shoppers buy presents ahead of time rather than during holidays but fall on peak shopping times in terms of consumer traffic. Therefore, you can save on payroll and other operating expenses by closing on that day without losing revenues because most sales occur before the holiday.

Find out how much-competing companies have set aside for holiday vacations. If they remain open while you close, it could mean losses to your company, especially if they get more impulsive buyers or those looking forward to purchasing last-minute products. Since their offerings echo similar products or services, consider matching the competitors’ holiday calendars.

Most employees ask for paid days off to travel or see their relatives on major public holidays. You should review employee requests and vacation schedules to assess whether it has enough employees to work full or reduced hours during holidays. It may have to close if most of your staff are asking for time off.

To determine the lowest sales volume, total what is needed before opening on a holiday, which will help you recoup costs. Payroll and other operating expenses such as electricity, heat, and air conditioning must be included. If your gross sales do not usually reach that point for a specific holiday, closing could make more sense than operating at a loss.

One option is opening later in the morning and closing by early afternoon on the actual day of the holiday rather than closing completely. It allows you to attract some holiday shoppers while saving on wages and operating costs during typically slower times. Publish and advertise your special holiday program so clients can plan accordingly.

For instance, if an e-commerce site complements your physical store, then accept orders online and provide curbside pick-up when closed on holidays. This way, customers can shop throughout the holiday season by selecting items in advance without having them delivered through your business.

To accommodate the rise in customer traffic and ensure that there are enough employees on duty to handle all customers, it is important to adjust YMCA Of Central Kentucky Holiday Hours accordingly. This way, the busiest periods can be staffed up while reducing labor costs in slow times. Overstaffing quickly erodes holiday gains.


It takes lots of considerations involving several things for you to determine the most beneficial and balanced vacation schedule. It may involve some trial and error initially, but assessing metrics and sales data for each holiday shopping season will ultimately enable you to gradually refine your operating hours for particular holidays.


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