Overview of Hair loss in women and its best treatment

Hair loss in women is quite common; the difference is how women experience unexpected heavy hair loss. Hair loss may vary from woman to woman as per age, lifestyle, and diet. This article explains hair loss treatment for women and its best prevention methods.

Causes and symptoms of hair loss

When women comb their hair, a minimum of 100-150 hairs will be lost per day. Hair shedding occurs naturally it is part of life. The main cause for this is an imbalanced diet. The medical term used for hair loss is alopecia.

Myths in hair loss are widespread some of the major causes include

  • Using chemical shampoo for hair wash
  • Using colored chemicals to hide white hair
  • Allergy in foods and uses of chemicals
  • Dandruff causes permanent hair loss
  • Mental depression, stress, and tension, also cause major hair loss
  • Exploiting the head or hair to heavy light exposures leads to major hair loss
  • Wigs cause hair loss among women
  • Heredity and genetic problems will also cause severe hair loss and hair damage
  • Different hairstyle and various hair arrangements lead to root weakness and causes alopecia
  • Damage in follicles, or damages caused due to dust particles, pollution also causes severe hair damage and hair loss.
  • Vitamin deficiency is one of the major reasons for hair loss.

How hair loss is treated for women? 

The hair loss treatment for women purely depends on the causes and symptoms. Diagnose the problem and the causes of major hair loss.

The hair loss occurred during pregnancy due to stress or depression must be treated after pregnancy. This hair loss will stop usually after delivery.

A balanced diet and high vitamin content food greatly help to repair damaged hair. The regular use of aloe vera, proper intake of multivitamins, and intake of nuts and dairy products help in faster and healthier growth of hair.

In case of allergy treatmentsuggest a dermatologist get rescued from allergy. The hair care provider helps in the treatment of hair growth.

Injection of protein-rich plasma (PRP) is suggested when there is a heavy loss of hair in the follicle and root. This type of injection helps to encourage hair growth.

Micro-needling of the scalp helps in improved hair growth.

Tips to deal with hair loss in women

  • Massage the head before shampoo. Wash the hair minimum of twice a week. It helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Use the right kind of shampoo, if possible prepare organic shampoo at home and use it for regular wash
  • Avoid coloring hairs with different chemicals and avoid using hair dryers for hair drying
  • Take enough nutrients and vitamins in the diet.
  • Eat a balanced diet.


It is possible to treat hair loss in women by the above-said factors. The hair loss treatment for women will be done with necessary treatments and necessary nutrients and minerals in the food. Try to avoid eating chemical foods, allergic foods, and using chemical products that cause allergy and hair loss.


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