Pico Treatment For Acne Scar: A Game-Changer In Skin Rejuvenation

After fighting against recurrent acne, acne scars may be an unpleasant and upsetting side effect. These scars can potentially affect one’s self-confidence and serve as a reminder of prior skin trauma. Thankfully, improvements in dermatological therapies have cleared the way for a ground-breaking procedure known as the Pico procedure, providing fresh hope for people looking to recover perfect and smooth skin.

Acne Scars: An Overview Of Their Persistent Effects

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from the prevalent skin issue called acne. While some people only have minor outbreaks of acne that go away on their own, others may have more severe cases that leave scars. Typically, the skin attempts to repair itself. When the inflammatory acne lesions reach the deeper layers of the skin, this results in spots.

Acne scars are a chronic aesthetic issue. These appear after self-healing since the body’s natural healing process leaves uneven skin textures, pigmentations, depressions, or elevated regions. Some of these after-effects might disappear with time, but some remain for long or probably forever.

The Pico Difference In Treatment

Pico treatment for acne scars (Pico หลุมสิว, which is the term in Thai), often called picosecond laser treatment, is a state-of-the-art technique that has become well-known for its extraordinary capacity to cure various skin conditions, including acne scars. The Pico treatment uses extremely brief picosecond pulses to transmit energy into the skin, distinguishing it from conventional laser treatments. With pico treatment, which uses quicker, more powerful energy bursts than earlier lasers that employ nanosecond pulses, scar tissue is broken down more efficiently, and collagen synthesis is stimulated with no harm to the surrounding healthy skin.

What Does The Treatment Do?

The customized laser delivers ultra-brief pulses of light energy into the skin’s desired location during the Pico Treatment session. By breaking up the damaged tissue of acne scars into small pieces, these pulses help the body’s natural mechanisms eventually get rid of them. The laser stimulates collagen and elastin formation, facilitating skin regeneration and remodeling.

Advantages Of Pico Treatment

Pico Treatment has several advantages compared to conventional laser treatments and other scar correction methods.

  • The shorter pulse duration reduces the heat produced, lowering the possibility of heat damage to the skin.
  • Pico Treatment is suited for all skin types. This feature makes it effective for even darker skin tones’ pigmentation issues.
  • This treatment has very less or no downtime, allowing the patients to get back to their routines immediately. Most people have a little redness or swelling, which usually disappears in a few hours.


Acne scars sometimes turn into a matter of shame and discomfort among people. For those suffering from this issue, Pico treatment for acne scars is a ray of hope. It offers a reliable, safe, and effective way to rejuvenate skin to remove scars. You need to consult a Pico treatment expert for the treatment.


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