The Ultimate Guide On Pectus Excavatum Plastic Surgery

Are you feeling conscious about the sunken appearance of your chest? The underlying source of your physical or emotional discomfort can be your chest shape. Don’t lose hope and consider the pectus excavatum plastic surgery. It is a chest wall reconstruction surgery that offers transformative results for funnel chests. Let’s find out more about this surgical procedure so that you can feel confident about your chest.

What is Pectus Excavatum Surgery?

Pectus excavatum surgery is also known as the Nuss procedure or chest wall reconstruction surgery. It is a specialized procedure to correct the congenital chest deformity known as pectus excavatum.

With this surgical procedure, a curved metal bar is inserted beneath the sternum. The bar is flipped to push the sternum outward so that a normal chest contour can be restored. It is a complicated surgical procedure, however, with the help of an experienced plastic surgeon, you can achieve the desired outcomes with lesser risk of complications. 

Who is eligible for Pectus Excavatum Surgery?

Pectus excavatum surgery is recommended for individuals with moderate to severe chest deformity and related symptoms.

However, your eligibility depends on various factors such as age, skeletal maturity, overall health etc. You might also want to consult with the surgeon about the impact of the condition on daily life to make an informed decision about the surgical procedure.

How is Pectus Excavatum Surgery performed?

It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. During the surgery, small incisions are made on the sides of the chest. Then a metal bar is inserted and positioned beneath the sternum. The bar is then carefully flipped to correct the chest deformity. The surgical procedure works best to correct the contours of a depressed chest.

What are the benefits of Pectus Excavatum Surgery?

Pectus Excavatum surgery can be immensely beneficial for individuals suffering from chest deformity. You might also want to consider the surgery for the following benefits:

  • Correction of the chest deformity
  • More aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Relief from chest pain, and limited exercise tolerance
  • Improved self-confidence and body image
  • Enhanced activeness for sports and physical activities
  • Improved psychological condition
  • Improvement in lung function and cardiovascular capacity
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Improved quality of life

What to expect from the recovery process?

The recovery process is typically smoother. However, you need to expect a hospital stay of a few days. Post-surgery discomfort can be managed with pain medications. For faster recovery, it is recommended to restrict physical activities for a few days. Moreover, close monitoring for potential complications is also recommended for hassle-free recovery. 

What are the potential risks and complications?

Similar to other surgical procedures, there are potential risks and complications associated with pectus excavatum surgery. The complications are rare but there might be chances of infection, bleeding, bar displacement, and collapsed lung. As stated earlier, the risks are relatively rare and can be minimized by carefully choosing an experienced surgeon. 

Is chest wall reconstruction surgery worth it?

Pectus excavatum surgery provides long-lasting results. The results can significantly improve the quality of life. Choosing an experienced surgeon and regular follow-ups minimize the risk of complications and make the surgery absolutely worth it. 


Pectus excavatum surgery can be a life-changing opportunity to reshape your physical appearance. However, it is a complicated surgical procedure, hence consultation with a skilled surgeon is recommended. Dr. Barret has decades of experience in performing pectus excavatum plastic surgery. Schedule a consultation right now if you want to reshape your confidence with the help of an experienced surgeon.


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